Repair Loan

Repair Loan

Borrow To Repair Your 2010 or Newer Vehicle
(vehicle can be leased or financed)

Repair Loan
Repair Loan

Receive funds for repairs
done on your vehicle.
Unlike a Title Loan, the
vehicle may be leased or




  • no credit checks
  • you keep vehicle and drive it
  • get approved on the phone
  • get money within the hour
  • no job requirement
  • use car, truck, transport
  • confidential – fast – secure

How do I get a Repair Loan?

Call us during business hours or complete the application form, click here to:

Be prepared to provide details of the estimated costs of the repairs, who is doing the repairs, and if you owe money on the vehicle how much is owed and to who – for example if you vehicle is leased or financed what is the amount owing and what bank is the loan with.

We can normally do all this by phone and email – so you might not need to visit our office.

What is a Repair Loan?

A repair loan is where we lend to you for the repair of your vehicle, whether it is leased or financed. The loan must be for specific repairs to your vehicle and we pay the vehicle’s repairer directly.

The repairs must be done by a licensed repair shop.

Call for details.

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