Collateral Loan

Collateral Loan

Borrow Using Equity In Your Assets
(we hold asset during term of loan)

Borrow Using Hard Collateral (Collateral Loan)
Borrow Using Equity
(Collateral Loan)

Receive up to $25,000 using
collateral that we can hold
during the term.




  • no credit checks
  • you keep vehicle and drive it
  • get approved on the phone
  • get money within the hour
  • no job requirement
  • use car, truck, transport
  • confidential – fast – secure

How do I get a Collateral Loan?

Call us during business hours or complete the application form, click here to:

Be prepared to provide details of your asset and how much you think it is worth.

We will need to speak first and if approved you will need to visit us at our Toronto office.

What is a Collateral Loan?

A Collateral Loan is a fast and easy way for you to get the cash you need quickly using the equity in an asset that you own. These loans are sometimes also called Emergency Loans and Hard Money Loans. Our Collateral Loans typically run for a maximum of four months and are for no more than $25,000. (Some exceptions apply so ask for details). A condition of the Collateral Loan is that the asset is owned by the customer with no money owed on it and is left with us to hold during the term of the loan. We provide a safe and secure storage location for the asset. This asset must be worth more than the loan being requested. Examples of assets that can be used for a Collateral Loan are Classic Cars, Machinery, Cash Surrender Value of life insurance policies and other movable valuable assets. We also lend against the equity in your home if it has just been sold and there is a firm closing date. (call for details). The holding of a classic car is not to be confused with Title Loans as described above or Motorcycle Storage Loans described below. For Collateral Loans no credit checks are done, and we lend under any employment or financial circumstance. A Collateral Loan can be completed and funded in the same day. Unlock the value of your asset to turn it into liquid cash.

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