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Fast Funding You Can Rely On For Emergency Cases

You can be good at living a frugal life and save a good amount of money for emergency situations for the future. But life still has its ups and downs, and the “downs” can happen at any time leaving you without enough funds to use in case of an emergency. Not having enough funds to handle emergency situations can be stressful and can sometimes leave you financially drained.

When you’re in need of urgent funding, the type of need usually determines which form of emergency funding you should opt for. In many cases, you might be able to get credit from a traditional lender but that typically takes quite a while for the loan to be processed. When you need fast cash for an emergency, going for this type of loan is simply not an option.

If your need for cash is immediate, the most viable option to get fast funding would be to apply for a car title loan in Toronto. Applying for a car title loan gives you the best chance to get the funds you require immediately and securely. This allows the borrower to get the emergency funds specifically designed to cater for their needs. Read on to see the types of fast funding available for borrowers.

Emergency loans

car title loans

These are loans specifically designed to meet the unexpected and immediate needs for funding. When the need for an emergency loan arises, don’t hold back from taking the necessary steps to handle whatever crisis you may be going through. Emergency loans are an easily accessible way for the borrower to get cash while preventing unnecessary additional costs.

An emergency loan is a form of car title loan that provides a fast solution for immediate funding needs that may arise at any moment. The interest here might be slightly higher than what a traditional lender will typically charge you. But, the immediate nature of an emergency loan makes the added cost worth it.

The payback period for an emergency loan is short.  It’s usually one year to one year and a half, depending on the agreed amount. If the loan is not paid as per the agreement, the interest, fees and charges continue to add up until the borrower pays the loan in full. It is therefore important to remain within your repaying means when choosing to take an emergency loan.

Lenders do understand that the borrower may not meet the obligation of the loan and other obligations put forth by them. So they’ve come up with a solution. The borrower is allowed to roll over the whole balance for a month by paying the interest owed on the original amount. However, there are restrictions on the number of times you can roll over an emergency loan and the maximum amount of debt you’re allowed to grow.

Short term loans

Also referred to as installment loans, short term loans are different from emergency loans in that they can be repaid after a period of time. With a short term loan, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you don’t have to repay the loan immediately and you get some ample time to budget on how you’re going to make your repayment without overexerting yourself financially. Short term loans are much more flexible and give control that many borrowers prefer.

As a borrower, always be careful when going for a loan and make sure that you’ll be able to repay your loans without creating more financial difficulties for yourself in the process. Lenders will provide you with all the important information on how much needs to be repaid, and the period of time it will take. All the obligations should be clearly stated and understood by both parties in order to create transparency in the borrowing process.

Secrets To Getting Car Title Loans Quickly

Getting a loan in order to start a business, see yourself through college or even just for an emergency situation is never a walk in the park. There may be a few bumps here and there in the road to acquiring a loan for many reasons and many people actually miss the chance to get financial assistance for lacking the necessary knowledge and requirements needed to get a loan.

This is where car title loans come in. Lenders are now able to provide car title loans to consumers and you can also get online title loans services that require no hassle to get approved.  These loans provide a smooth process for their application and that’s why borrowers are drawn to them instead of other traditional lending institutions.

A car title loan is a type of secured loan where people looking for funding use their car title as security to get a loan. The borrower has to allow the lender to place a lien on their vehicle until the loan has been repaid. You can keep your car during the loan and the lien will be removed once the loan has been repaid. Car title loans are very easy to acquire and you can get them virtually immediately with minimal requirements. However, when going for a car title loan, there are some important factors in play that you have to be familiar with in order to ensure that you get the loan in an easy, fast, smooth and secure manner. In this piece, you will find some guiding tips on how to easily acquire a car title loan.

Obtain a manageable payment plan

Car title loans often come with certain terms and obligations that the borrower has to comply with before receiving the loan. Many lenders offer one year or one year and a half payback periods. It is important to speak with the lender and work out a payment plan that is right for the both of you. Failure to make payments on time can lead to additional fees so arranging a manageable payment plan is important. Choose a lender that offers car title loans with flexible repayment periods and attractive interest rates which will be light on your pocket and considerate of your financial needs.

Knowing the application and approval process

Lenders who give online title loans have an application procedure that takes place through their websites. Some lenders will need you to verify your identity via a phone call or any other type of personal information, such as photos of personal identification. The online application process usually takes 20 minutes or in some cases only an hour at most, making it a time efficient process for applying a car title loan. Once the application has been approved and documents have been signed, you will receive your money almost instantly.

Know what kind of cars can be used for collateral

Some title loan lenders will accept cars that date back to 2009. The mileage on your car can also be a factor for deducing the value of your car. So it is important to find out the terms and restrictions put forth by the lender in order to avoid any pitfalls in the borrowing process. If your car is of higher value, you then will receive more funds. Most lenders will only lend on vehicles that are around 8 years old or newer. However, classic and antique cars can also be loaned against.

Know the steps

Title loans are a very safe, quick and easy process. However, knowing these secrets can make the process even easier. It is important to do your research and make sure that you are picking a lender that is right for you.


Does Applying For A Title Loan Make Wise Financial Sense?

It’s understandable to be a little uncertain and intimidated when it comes to making any kind of financial decision. Financial situations can be accompanied by of risk and uncertainty. It is always a sign of responsibility when you ask yourself if a certain financial decision is a good idea or not.

Title loans do have their advantages and disadvantages, as with many financial decisions, many people make it on a day to day basis. It’s much easier to get a loan nowadays, as many consumers have discovered. Not everyone is able to get a traditional loan from a bank, so borrowers have resorted to using lenders who provide title loans. The borrowing process has even been simplified as you can go online and choose from whatever lending platform you desire.

If you’re in the middle of a financial crisis, you’re the one who gets to choose if a title loan is the right financial direction for you to take. While the decision to choose solely lays on you, we can add something more to help you decide if taking a title loan is a good financial decision and also clear the air on some of the bad rep given to title loans.

Title loans compared to traditional loans 

car title loan

Most of the time banks offer secured loans with collateral to their customers. On the other hand, title loan lenders require that a lien be placed on your vehicle, which will then be removed when the loan has been repaid. Title loan lenders offer loans depending on the market value of collateral, while banks offer consumers loans depending on their credit score. Banks take this approach because people with higher credit score are said to have lower risk, so they choose to offer loans to them. With title loans, the lender decides to lend to customers with lower credit scores and in return decide to take a higher risk. This is compensated by placing a lien on the collateral to guarantee the loan.

Advantages of title loans 

  • Receive the loan almost immediately: Once the application and approval process is over and both parties have clearly stated their concerns and requirements, you get to receive your money almost instantly.
  • Get to use your car even after receiving the loan: Although a lien is place on the car for the duration of the loan, you still continue to use your car until you pay your loan in full. Once the loan is paid in full then the lien will be removed instantly.
  • Your credit score doesn’t matter: The approval of the loan depends on the value of collateral provided. Title loans are offered to people with all types of credit history.

Disadvantages of title loans

Title loans may have slightly higher interest rates than what traditional lenders typically charge. But, considering the immediate nature of title loans, the slight increase in cost far outweighs the additional cost. You allow the lender to place a lien on the collateral that is provided. This collateral secures the loan in case default occurs. However, many lenders will work with you to make a manageable payment plan so default does not occur,


Many consumers have discovered about secured loans in Mississauga at very competitive interest rates. Lending companies are always ready to speak to you on phone at any moment you may require their services. They also provide flexible repayment periods where you can peacefully plan your repayment budget without having to worry about meeting short term obligations. Title loans are a great way to ease yourself from a financial crisis and therefore be able to meet emergency financial expenses. Weigh your options carefully and choose a financial solution that is best suited for your financial needs and situation. From the information given here about title loans, you can see that title loans are an effective solution to getting financial assistance especially during times of financial emergency.

Involved In An Accident With A Vehicle That Has A Title Loan?

Getting loans from large financial institutions can be a hassle. Not only will there be a lot of paperwork, but one may will also be expected to meet strict eligibility criteria. This criteria typically includes having an excellent credit rating and proof of a regular income.

In addition to that, the processing time for bank loans can be long, so they can’t be relied upon for emergency uses. One of the reasons that make bank loan processing  are a long process is the fact that they have to check a lot of information, including your credit rating and employment.

To avoid this, many people get collateral loans in Brampton, or many other cities across the GTA. By providing collateral, you reduce the risk that the lender has, and this in turn means that issues such as your credit rating and proof of a regular income may not be important to them. This is because they have a physical asset to secure the loan.

If you get a collateral loan such as a car title loan, it is important to understand what might need to happen in the event of an accident, since this would mean that the collateral would be damaged. This could complicate your loan if not dealt with properly, however, having the right information will help you navigate the issue with ease. If you have a car with a title loan against it and it has been in an accident, here are some things you may want to consider:

Contact your insurer

Call your insurance company, explaining the events leading up to the accident. You can then get advice from them regarding how the issue will be handled. In some cases, for instance, the car will be easily repaired using insurance funds. This works well for minor accidents. For more major collisions such as those that result in the car being written off, the insurance company will pay the remainder of your loan, and you will receive what is left over of the funds.

Make sure you are familiar with your car title loan terms and conditions 

When signing up for car title loans, there will always be terms and conditions that you will need to sign against. Review such sections so that you can understand the ramifications of getting involved in a car accident with a car being used as collateral. In some cases, this information will inspire you to become a more careful driver for the duration of the loan repayment, which can’t hurt. If you are unsure about some of these details, feel free to consult the lender for clarification.

Call the lender as soon as possible

If you have been involved in an auto accident and your car has been written off, it would be wise to call your lender as soon as possible. Shows of good faith and honesty can help you have an upper hand when negotiating on how to deal with the rest of the loan.

While some other firms will require you to pay the remaining amount in full as soon as possible, you can negotiate to continue making the payments on a regular basis. Most lenders will give a discount if the loan is repaid before it was originally set out to be. Some firms may even accept other forms of collateral (such as another car, equipment, machinery, etc.) so that you can continue servicing the loan as usual. If you work with a high quality lender, such as Fast Action Finance, you will find them to be very supportive. If you call your lender and are honest about the whole situation, you may be surprised about how easy the process can be.

Assets That You Can Use For A Collateral Loan

You need money for an emergency. You approach a friend or a family member but they have no cash to lend you with what you need. You approach lenders, but you know that the process can be quite taxing. Add to that the fact that they will ask for many different requirements, such as a strong credit score and employment history. But you need the money badly and you will do everything in your power to obtain the amount for your emergency.

Good thing there is such a thing as a collateral loan. This loan is secured against assets that will serve as collateral for your loan. Lenders will definitely have an easier time approving your loan since there is less risk as compared to loans that do not have any security. On your part as a borrower, however, you will be concerned about knowing which assets you can use for a collateral loan. Here is a list.

For home loans

collateral loans

There are different assets you can make use of when you want to secure a collateral loan from a lender. Basically, many lenders will accept your home or vehicle as collateral. Add to this, however, there is still a list of items that can serve as collateral for a home loan.

One is your mortgage or the loan that is secured against a house. With the current rising home values, more money can be borrowed against it. Another is your home’s equity where the loan, as the name implies, will be based on the equity of your home. A home equity line of credit also exists. In this type of loan, a line of credit is granted by the lender so you can purchase anything that you want.

For vehicle and title loans

Title loans are a popular choice when it comes to using your vehicle as collateral. You can obtain the loan from a title loan lender, such as Fast Action Finance, who will place a lien on your vehicle for the duration of the loan. You may also use other types of vehicles such as RVs, vans and trucks. Vintage cars are also a very valuable asset that can be used for a title loan.

Collateral loans for a business

Collateral loans are not exclusive for personal use. Even business owners can avail of this type of loan in case they need help for their expenses. Amongst assets you can make use of as collateral for your business loan are your business equipment like factory machines, tractors, and other heavy equipment.

Assets to secure collateral loans will depend on lenders

The assets listed above are some of the ones you can make use of to secure a collateral loan. Depending on the lender, this list may change. Some may consider other valuable things in your home or business that you can make use of to get the money that you need for an emergency.

Remember that your asset or collateral will always be a great option for you to get the money that you need and get it fast. It will also serve as a physical security in order to secure the loan. This will definitely serve you and your lender’s best interest.

Learn more about obtaining collateral loans in Brampton and look at the options you have when it comes to this type of loan. Do not hesitate to raise your concerns beforehand. Contacting your choice of lender will help in order for you to obtain the amount of cash you need corresponding to the asset you are willing to offer as collateral.

You can even borrow using your motorcycle, snowmobile or watercraft by obtaining a storage loan.

How Can A Vehicle Title Loan Help You Financially?

For most of us, there will come a time when we will be faced with financial emergencies. There may be instances when we can simply borrow money from friends and relatives but there are cases when we have to consider seeking financial help from reliable lending companies out there. For short-term financial emergencies, you will be offered a host of solutions, including a vehicle title loan. Wonder how this can help you financially? Here are answers to this question.

It is a quick solution to a financial problem

Secured Loan

A financial emergency could include looking for money to pay your child’s school tuition, or for the care of an ill family member. When you are short of cash at the moment, you may consider seeking a quick solution like a vehicle title loan.

In Canada, vehicle title loans are considered a feasible way to get the cash you need in a short amount of time. The quick process of title loans is what makes them perfect for helping individuals out of financial emergencies. You simply have to use the equity in your vehicle in order to secure the loan, and can continue to drive your car!

You can get a loanable amount at a value that is greater than what you need

Since lending companies will assess the value of your car depending on a series of factors, you can expect an amount that is more than what you need. When the computed loanable amount has a high value then you can use the excess amount for other things that need to be paid. Repay the amount in time and you will simply pay a lower interest rate.

It is a great option for people with bad credit

Banks and other lending institutions will usually base a loan approval on a person’s credit history. The potential borrower has to be cleared of other loans or at least have a good credit score to be able to obtain the money that he or she needs for emergencies.

With vehicle title loans, you will have your financial burden solved right after the value of your car has been assessed. It does not matter whether you have bad credit or a poor credit rating. It is good to note that you will only be given low interest rates on vehicle title loans. The interest rate for title loans is much lower than what you would have to pay for payday loans or using a credit card when you are unable to pay off the balance in a reasonable time frame.

You can enjoy all these financial benefits once you have met loan requirements

As you have seen, there are many financial benefits with securing a vehicle title loan. To be able to have the much-needed cash for your financial emergencies, you should be prepared with the following requirements:

  • A fully insured vehicle that will serve as collateral to your loan
  • You have full ownership of the vehicle
  • No previous debt owing on the vehicle
  • You should have a valid driver’s license
  • You are in possession of registration papers for your vehicle
  • Your car should be 8 years old or less

Summing things up

Vehicle title loans are with no doubt a great way to secure the money you need in case of emergencies. You do not need to have a favourable credit score to be able to obtain the money in consideration for your car’s title.  All you need is to secure the loan from a reputable provider online.

Looking for a reputable provider of vehicle title loans in Mississauga? Give us a call and together we can work things out to provide a quick solution to your financial dilemma. Make sure you have prepared all the requirements needed to obtain the loan to facilitate the entire process.

Questions You Should Ask When Securing A Title Loan

There are many ways in which you can obtain a loan in Canada, from payday loans, to personal loans, to secure loans. There is one option wherein you can secure the loan against any of your paid-off vehicles – from cars and trailers to RVs and even watercraft. Other assets can also be used as collateral. This is otherwise known as title loan. Here are questions to ask in case you are interested in obtaining this type of loan.

How does a title loan work?

Title loans work the same way as regular installment loans. You are given a sum of money and are expected to pay this off with easy and manageable payments. You have to remember though that a title loan is secured against your vehicle. The lender will require that a lien be placed on your vehicle upon signing of the loan contract. This is their security against the loan and the lien will be removed once the loan has been paid off. Since the loan is secured with your vehicle, you can obtain a rate lower than those commonly used for unsecured personal loans. This is because the lenders have a physical asset, such as your car, to back up the loan. Although the loan is secured against your vehicle, you can continue to drive it as usual.

What if I have a low credit score?

Persons with bad credit will have an easier way obtaining a title loan than when they opt to obtain unsecured personal loans. If you are one of those individuals with a low credit score, title loans are the best solution to your financial problems. After all, the loan is secured with your vehicle so your credit score should have little to no impact on your loan application. In fact, majority of lenders do not even check your credit score when it comes to title loans.

How do I apply for a title loan?

Many find that the easiest way to apply for a title loan is online. You simply have to fill out an online title loan application form. This basically contains a few questions about your personal information, such as name and phone number, as well as basic questions about your vehicle. From here, the loan representative will contact you via phone or email and will ask you further questions to determine how much money you are eligible to receive. You will also have a chance to vocalize any questions or concerns that you may have to the loan representative. After this conversation, you can then decide if you would like to proceed with the loan.

How much is the maximum loanable amount?

It will depend on the current value of your car or the asset that you are using as collateral. The value of the asset is basically determined using standard information like the car’s make, model, and kilometers on the vehicle. The car’s engine size and overall condition will also be considered. Any installations or additions made to the car like a sunroof or leather seats will also be part of the computation. Make sure you inform the service provider about all these things to maximize the amount you can loan from them.

Other questions you may have

  • What if the title is in someone else’s name? You have to ask the said person to co-sign the loan.
  • When will the lien be removed from the vehicle? The title will be released once you have paid off the total amount you have loaned.
  • Will you be allowed to get a cumulative amount of loan for two cars? You are may be able to take out two separate loans under two separate vehicles. To maximize the funds you can receive, tell the lender about all major assets.

There may be other questions you have in mind when it comes to a Toronto title loan. Please feel free to raise your concerns right before signing any documents or receiving the money from the lender.

How To Cope When Your Car Engine Breaks Down While Under A Title Loan

The least anticipated things can occur at the most inappropriate times in life. For instance, running out of gas in a stormy weather. These situations leave most people frustrated because there is usually no immediate solution that could remedy things in the best possible way. Title loans can be very helpful when you are in a financial quagmire.

To acquire the loan, you have to submit your car title to lenders. Now your car engine may just happen to fail when you have a title loan against your vehicle. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to get yourself out of the mess.

Repair option

car title loan

The first thing to do is determine whether it is within your capability to repair the car engine. If you can repair the engine and get the car running again, then you do not have to worry about anything except making monthly payments and ensuring the loan is fully repaid on time. However, if you are completely unable to repair the engine, you will have to resort to other options.

Getting in touch with your lender

A blown engine will leave your car stuck on the road and tons of questions running through your mind. Typically, you will be thinking of how to get yourself and your car home safely. You may not likely think about the title loan. But the most important thing to understand is that when your car engine breaks down, you are unlikely to find quick fixes to the problem. What you should do instead is call a towing company to help you with car movement. Next, you should call the title loan lender to let them know the predicament that just hit you.

Repair costs

It is paramount to alert your lender when your car is entirely inoperable. The lender then may take the inoperable car and value its worth. The resulting figure will then be subtracted from the amount of money that you owe the lending company.

The ultimate figure after the value of your car has been subtracted is the amount of money that you will be required to pay to clear the loan. You should compare this figure with the cost of repairing the engine. If it is more than the repair cost, you may consider repair services. On the flipside, you will be better off letting go of the car if the repair cost is too much.

Engine repair time frame

A car engine that has broken down will absolutely require a replacement. Now there are so many considerations as far as this is concerned. Depending on the auto model, shipment may be necessary, which takes time. Repairing will also take some time because a professional mechanic has to be completely certain that the replacement is possible and compatible with your car.

Financing the repairs

If you decide to repair the engine, then you may be wondering how you can finance these repairs. If your vehicle is 2009 or newer then you may be eligible for a repair loan at Fast Action Finance! Unlike title loans, your car can be leased, financed, or have debt against it.

Many people find it difficult to pay for repairs all at once. A repair loan allows you to make manageable payments until the debt is cleared. Once the cost of repairing the engine is determined, the lender will work out a payment plan, then transfer the funds. Many people find repairs loans to be a smooth and easy process.

Next steps

No one expects his car engine to break down, it just happens. What you do next really determines whether you will gain or lose. Checking with your title loan lender is the best thing to do. The company may tow the car for you, value it and give you its final worth. That figure will be deducted from money that you owe them to determine what you will have to pay to clear the loan. Compare the repair cost and the amount of money you have to pay back to clear the loan. If you decide to repair the engine, then you may want to consider taking out a vehicle repair loan.

Is It Possible To Get Two Auto Title Loans Simultaneously?

There comes a time in life when you find yourself financially drowning. While an auto title loan may seem like the most ideal option, you may not help but wonder if it is possible to get two auto title loans at the same time. One auto title loan may simply not be enough to meet your current demands. Two may suffice to ensure you stay afloat. To clear the air, you cannot possibly get two auto title loans with one car. However, you can add funds to an existing loan if your vehicle has adequate value. Alternatively, you can get a second title loan on a second vehicle. Here’s what you should know:

How liens work

Your vehicle must be debt-free in order to borrow against it from any financial institution or bank. That means that it is not feasible to have two lien-holders on a single car.  Why? You may ask. Lenders want to ensure that they are safe in case there is a default. Two liens placed on a single car makes it impractical for it to qualify as collateral. Supposing a borrower defaulted on both loans, the value of the car would not be divided into two to recover the entire loan amount.


Liens on different cars


The question here is whether you own two cars separately. Some families actually have two different cars. If they choose to obtain two auto titles to meet their financial needs, things can work out greatly for them. There have been many cases of spouses applying for two separate auto title loans at the same time and they receive the loans with zero hassle. This is because they have two separate cars.

With two auto titles, it is possible to have two lien-holders. Both cars can be used as collateral and should there be a default of any sort, lenders will not suffer loss because their liens are on two separate cars.

Taking up two auto title loans

When you decide to take up two auto title loans, it means that you have two vehicles and that you are willing to borrow against. Therefore, you should see to it that you are able to make monthly payments for each of the title loans on time. Another great idea is strategically determining ways to quickly pay off the loan.


What if you are completely unable to get two auto title loans at the same time? Is that the end of everything? Now that you know that it is impractical to get two auto title loans with a single car, it may seem like you are stuck in a financial rut. The good news is that there are lenders who offer refinancing services just in case you feel like you need more money.

If your vehicle has adequate value then you could be eligible for receiving additional funds on your existing title loan. The lender will then refinance the loan and restructure your payments to cover the additional funds given.

Lenders will usually lend up to half the value of the vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is worth $20,000 and you already borrowed $5,000, then you could be eligible to borrow another $5,000 from the same lender.

To summarize, it is possible to get two auto title loans, provided you have two separate cars. Spouses with two vehicles can make agreements on the amount of money that they require and apply for auto title loans. If you only have one car, you may have to consider refinancing to acquire more money. It is the only option that may work because your car cannot have two liens against it.


Why Selling Your Car To Acquire Fast Cash Is Not Ideal

It is not uncommon for people to resort to selling their cars, or other assets, when they are faced with serious financial problems. But is it the right thing to do? In most cases, it is actually not the best thing to do because your car services you in a number of ways. Your car can take you to work, pick your kids up from school, run crucial errands, and much more.  Unless, of course, you live in an area with a good and reliable public transportation for both yourself and your children, then selling your car could be an option. However, many of us do not have the luxury of having reliable public transit for everyone in our household and a car is a necessity. Therefore, if you need fast cash, perhaps you should consider taking up a car title loan instead. Here are reasons why it may work for you.

What is a car title loan?

A car title loan is a financial alternative that allows you to get quick cash within 24 hours on specified terms and conditions from a lender. One of the specifications of an auto title loan requires your car to have a lien placed on it for the duration of the loan. The lien lets other banks and lenders know that there is money owing against your car. You can continue to drive and use your car as usual with a lien on it and the lien will be removed once the loan has been paid-off.

The loan should be fully repaid after a certain amount of time, usually within one year or one year and a half.  If you are unable to pay-off the loan within it’s scheduled period then do not fret as many lenders will work with you. At Fast Action Finance, we understand that various things can get in the way of paying off your loan on-time. If this occurs, we would be happy to work with you. We can do this by extending/rescheduling the loan and coming up with a plan that will work for you!

Value of your vehicle

If you have recently bought a car and have had it for less than a year, selling it is the last thing that should be on your mind. However, if it so happens that your car is secondary and perhaps you do not use it that much or do not use it at all, then you are at liberty to sell it. You should be aware of one thing though.

The amount of money you will receive after selling your vehicle will pretty much be inadequate. In fact, if the car is old and not in the best condition, you are not likely to acquire much from its sale. By comparing the amount of money you get from an auto title loan and selling your car, you can determine which is the best option for you.

Is an auto title loan for you?

An auto title loan can be an amazing solution to financial woes especially if you are intending to retain your car. It makes it easy for you to acquire cash in the shortest time and still continue to enjoy the merits of owning a car. The only thing that you will surrender is having a debt-free vehicle. However, once the loan has been paid-off then your vehicle goes back to being debt-free!

No one is going to ask you about credit scores or any other thing that may hinder the process of acquiring the loan. The amazing part is that all that can be done in less than 24 hours. The lender will then give you a certain amount of time to repay the loan. That sounds like an amazing deal because all you have to do is ensure that you make your biweekly or monthly payments on time.

You do not have to sell your car when you need fast cash. The best way to acquire money conveniently is taking up secured loans in Brampton. An auto title loan will not disappoint you when you really want money for urgent needs. Moreover, you do not have to worry about too many formalities, which can lead to a lengthy loan process, as is common with personal loans. An auto title loan will be processed in the shortest amount of time and depending on the lender, you may even get the loan in less than 24 hours! At Fast Fast Finance, we can process and finalize the loan within the hour. Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.